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Send a personal message to your clients that they’ll be excited to receive with Direct Mail.

Digital explosion aside, mail is still a big part of everyday business. And unless you are the kind of person who likes to fold, stuff, label, sort, seal and then drop off heavy tubs stuffed with envelopes at the post office, it’s probably best if you put your mailings into the hands of an expert.

Save time and money. We take the time to know the ins and outs of postal regulations and requirements that can delay your mailing or add costs. (And we understand completely why you don’t want to do it.) We can process your first-class, standard and nonprofit mailings in accordance with postal requirements, capitalizing on lesser-known postage discounts and more accurate delivery options.

There’s a list for that. Successful direct marketers know that mail campaigns are only as good as the mailing lists. We have access to thousands of micro-targeted lists that eliminate expense and waste, allowing you to reach out to those most likely to want what you’re offering. Plus, we have an alternative, Every Door Direct Mail® (EDDM) from the U.S. Postal Service that is ideal for those who want certain geographic coverage. EDDM lets you reach every home or business in a defined area without a mailing list for reduced postage – perfect for companies whose customer base in local.

Boost Sales by Profiling Your Best Customers with American Speedy Printing Center CustomerCLICKTM

Today, marketers can’t afford to waste time or money reaching out to prospects that have little chance of becoming buyers. By sharpening your insight into your current customers, you can further segment your audiences and deliver relevant marketing messages that drive purchases.

Using your house file, American Speedy Printing Center’s CustomerCLICKTM tool takes the information you have about your best B2B or B2C customers and matches it against a comprehensive database of businesses or consumers to create a custom analysis for you.

  • Save time and money – Gain important information about your customers and markets quickly and easily without investing your own time or resources.
  • Minimize waste – By “cloning” your best customers, you eliminate the expense and waste that comes when you miss the mark with a broad target.
  • Increase your ROI – Targeting high-probability prospects improves the odds of making a sale.

Ask us how we can help you connect with mail.