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Marketing Guides

Check out our tips, tricks and best practices for marketing your business or nonprofit with the greatest efficiency. Learn how to save time and money – and get measurable results. Just pick which guide you’d like, fill out the form, and you’ll get complete access right away!

The Ultimate Direct Mail Marketing Guide: Proven Tips and Techniques You Can Use Today
Direct mail is one of the most productive marketing communications vehicles in the world. It allows an infinite variety of formats and messages; you can find mailing lists in almost any consumer or business category; and it's a personal, powerful medium that is ideal for persuasive selling.
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86 Ways to Drive More Traffic to Your Event and Increase ROI: A Guide to Promotions Before
Event marketing is made to order for small to mid-sized businesses, nonprofits and other organizations with aggressive goals but limited sales resources. Participating in the right local, regional, national or international events allow you to present your sales story to many prospects in one place within a short period of time. The success of any event depends on your ability to attract as much attention and as many prospects as possible. That’s what makes effective event promotion so important.
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The Complete Guide to Customer Growth: Getting to the Aha Moment
As technology expands our available channels of communication, it’s easy to lose sight of the basics of customer growth and retention. Gain focus – and business – with this guide. By helping you attain the “Aha Moment” of truly understanding your best customers, you’ll attain a better idea of what message to use, where to use it, and when. Once you get there, you’ll learn five specific strategies to implement now to grow your customers.
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Your Brand: Unrivaled or Unraveled? A Business Self-Assessment Guide to Help You Build Awareness
Are your current activities working toward building and maintaining a powerful brand? This guide will help you find out by presenting a series of simple self-assessment questions based on generally accepted best practices in six key branding areas. In it, we’ll quickly review your brand identity/logo, printed materials, interior and exterior signage, trade show and events, Web presence and content marketing to make sure your efforts are unrivaled.
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No Silver Bullets! The Realist's Guide to Successful Local Marketing
With so many channels dividing customer attention, there is no “Silver Bullet” that alone can ensure success. Rather than a single answer, successful local marketing today requires a combination of tools to target customers wherever they are, and help them find you wherever they look for the products or services you sell.
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56 Bulletproof Ways to Tune Up Your Marketing for Faster, Better Results
Our exclusive, free guide provides quick and concise ideas you can use now to get more out of the marketing tactics you're using today - and help you decide what to do next. Best of all, you don't necessarily need a big budget to take advantage of these best practices.
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Grow Your Business With a Proven Performer – Print!
Thanks to new technology, new materials, and new printing, bindery and finishing techniques, marketers have the ability to “amp up” an already proven performer: print. Personalized direct mail campaigns, special event invitations, advertising, customer communications, signage and more can all be taken to the next level to help you protect the business you currently have and find more sales opportunities to grow.
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