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The Small Business Marketer’s Guide to Hosting a Business Open House

Whether your small business is fresh off the launch pad or is in a more mature place in its lifecycle, hosting a business open house is a valuable way to showcase your products and services, build awareness among your target market and open the door to new clients, networking partners and influencers. To effectively plan…

5 Spring Event Promotion Must-Haves

Spring is right around the corner, and that means busy season for many event marketers. Event veterans know that preparation is the key to success if you’ll be hosting a charity golf outing, setting up a booth at a community function or making a trade show appearance. From choosing event giveaways to stocking up on…

3 Quick Tips for Promoting Your Nonprofit Through Special Events

One of the primary ways of promoting your nonprofit is by sponsoring an event. With fundraising as a universal goal, it’s no surprise that nonprofit organizations hold more events than B2B and B2C companies combined. According to 2015 research by the Content Marketing Institute and Blackbaud, 55% of North American nonprofits measured the success of…