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Ready, Set, Print! Must-have Materials for Your Next Event

By Joe Harrison

Well before you host a special event or exhibit at a trade show, consider your printing needs and build a comprehensive list. You’ll not only save yourself hours of effort later, but also ensure that you’ve touched all the bases of a successful event marketer!

Banners, Posters & Other Signage: Outdoors, these might include flags and pennants. Indoors, you might opt for posters, roll-up banners and fabric graphics where your display is set up or to direct visitors to you.

Business Cards: Do you have enough? And for all the team? Also, consider if your card’s design and information is up-to-date. Remember, this is first-impression time!

Direct Mail: Reach out to all those on your internal database with an invitation or letter package. To increase attendance, work with your marketing services provider to identify those who fit your target profile, and have them recommend a rental list of names that match.

Handouts: Don’t let visitors leave empty handed. Distribute a flyer or trifold brochure summarizing your key selling points – and including contact information on how prospects can seek more information or make a purchase at a later date.

Postcards: They’re a cost-efficient way to distribute event reminders or save-the-date communications.

Programs: For a multi-day conference, create a program with session times, locations and topics.

Sales Brochures: Reserve high-quality sales brochures for those who express a genuine interest. To strengthen relationships with promising prospects, consider mailing the brochure to them or, even better, delivering it in person post-event.

What Else? You might also need place cards, contest or drawing entry forms, event or raffle tickets and name tags. Giveaways that are imprinted with your company name and logo are also a great way your company or organization can stay top of mind once everyone heads home.

Contact us for assistance with printed materials including promotional items for your next special event.