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Archive for February, 2015

Social Media for Nonprofits: 5 Tips to Get Started

Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites hold many advantages for marketing your nonprofit. On the pages you’ll post and maintain, you can communicate with donors regularly. You’ll grow your membership by urging followers to “share” your content with their like-minded friends. And, beyond the time you’ll put in to establish your presence and create…

Teach Before You Sell to Fill the Funnel

Long before they become active customers or donors, prospects are in the market for information. That’s a unique opportunity to earn their trust by using publicity (what an objective third party says about you) and content marketing (creating or curating and then distributing your own information), to teach instead of sell, priming the flow of…

Enter the Mighty Pen . . . and More Killer Promo Items

Sales promotions typically take shape as contests, prizes and product samples that are used for a defined period to stimulate interest and purchase. Do you need an effective, affordable and flexible way to keep attention alive long after your promotion ends? Enter the mighty pen . . . and thousands of other logoed items. According…