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One of the most widely embraced marketing tactics for establishing and maintaining customer rapport and loyalty is personalization. Personalized marketing leverages your customer data to individualize messaging, adding important relevancy. Personalization can be applied to most of your marketing channels: direct mail, email, social media and other digital campaigns. Though personalized marketing can seem daunting,…

4 Ways to Improve Customer Retention

The Harvard Business Review suggests that it is anywhere between five to 25 times more expensive to acquire new customers than retain them depending on the industry. Here are a few considerations as you develop what works best for your company’s retention strategy: 1. Keep VIP customers happy. Track the buying patterns of your best…

The Value of Personalization in Marketing

When it comes to creating the perfect marketing mix for any business or organization, personalization is a staple ingredient. Personalized marketing is no longer an option for small business marketers; instead it has become an expectation of the customer experience. To be effective, marketers must strike a balance in their personalized marketing efforts, tailoring their…