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Archive for May, 2017

Marketing Your Mission: Advice for Today’s Nonprofit Marketers

Marketers in the nonprofit sector wear many hats, often under strict budgetary constraints. From donor communications to fundraising and event planning, it’s crucial to maximize the reach of your organization’s limited marketing resources. To make the most of marketing efforts, nonprofits must adopt a cost-effective, multi-channel strategy attuned to the charitable giving habits of today’s…

Using Buyer Personas To Deliver Added Value

As your customers sort through countless marketing messages received on a daily basis, how are you separating your business from the pack to deliver personalized content that aligns with your ideal prospects’ needs and interests?

3 Habits of a Successful Small Business Marketer

Although at times it seems like a complex science, exceling in marketing your small to medium-sized business does not require an advanced degree in marketing or a decade spent at a prominent agency. Instead, good marketing is about taking the time to build good habits, getting in sync with your key demographic and working with…

‘Workhorse’ Direct Mail Marketing Continues to Prove Its Power

It is often discussed if direct mail marketing still holds a place amid digital marketing boom times. In a recent Smart Insights study, the strength of digital marketing was revealed to be immense, showing that 82 percent of organizations have fully adopted a digital marketing strategy. However, even in the digital age, the benefits of…

6 ways to “Find Your X Factor”

Breaking through the noise with clearly defined differentiators tied to effective cross-channel marketing strategies can help business owners and marketers achieve their lead generation goals. But finding what works for your business amid the ever-growing list of competitors and marketing options can be both time-consuming and frustrating. We can help you Find Your X Factor.…